Applying for a Visa

When travelling to most countries you are required to have a valid entry visa. You may obtain this on your own or Travel Asia may apply for a visa on your behalf. Please note that Travel Asia may only apply for a visa on behalf of Australian and New Zealand passport holders.


Travel-Asia-Applying-Visa•   A copy of your passport photo page with connective page in colour.Capture3

•   A digital photo of each passenger. The photo can be taken using a digital camera or smart phone.
eeIt must be taken front on and with nothing covering your face. Please ensure the photo is at least 500KB





Your group visa will arrive within 7 – 10 days of your departure at the address provided by passenger 1. The passengers listed on your reservation form will be given a single group visa and this will be sent to the mailing address provided. Ensure that you make a copy of this document and bring both the original and scanned copies with you on tour.




Before applying for a visa, ensure that your passport has a validity date of no less than 6 months. Also be aware that the China visa has a validity of 3 months. We encourage you to apply for your visa no sooner than 2 months prior to departure.










  • You must acquire a China visa prior to travelling to Mainland China (PRC)Capture3
  •  Apply for a tourist visa (Type L), which will be valid for 30 days after you enter China
  •  You must enter China within 3 months of receiving the visa
    eeThe visa’s 30 day validity is activated upon entry into China
  • Australian passport holders do not require a visa if they are transiting in
    eeBeijing (Beijing Capital International Airport), Shanghai (Shanghai
    eeHongqiao or Pudong International Airport), Guangzhou (Baiyun
    eeInternational Airport) or Chengdu (Shuangliu International Airport) for up to 72 hours
    eeor more information visit Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in Australia







Australian passport holders are able to visit Hong Kong (KKSAR) without
obtaining a visa if the visit is for tourism only and can stay for up to 90 days
Australian passport holders may visit the HKSAR without a visa if visiting
for tourism purposes and can stay in Hong Kong for up to 90 days
For more info please visit Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in Australia




Capture12  How to Apply & Visa Fees / China Visa Application Form