Flight Information


Flight Tickets

Once full payment has been made within 90 days of redeeming your voucher (if applicable) we will book your flight on the date indicated on your Reservation Form. Travel Asia uses several airlines including Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines (we do not take airline requests). Once your flight has been booked, you will be sent your e-ticket and flight information. You can choose your seat and confirm your booking directly with the airline.



We will book your flight using the information provided on your Reservation Form
or subsequent email correspondence. If a ticket name change, return date change or
return city change are required after the booking has been made, additional
surcharges and fees will apply.



Capture8Flight Changes

It is the responsibility of passengers to confirm flight details with the airline between
12 and 24 hours before scheduled departure. All flights scheduled whilst on tour will be
confirmed by Travel Asia and will advise passengers of any changes.



In the event of a rescheduling or cancelation of flights by the airline, the airline will generally provide an alternative. Travel Asia is not responsible for compensating customers for out of pocket expenses, lost time or missing tours, and we encourage travellers to purchase travel insurance in case this occurs.



Flight Restrictions

We always endeavour to secure direct flights for our passengers; however this is not always possible.
You may have 1 or more stopovers to and from your destination, and this will be outlined on your e-ticket.




All passengers are allowed 2 pieces of luggage:

  • One suitcase or backpack that does not exceed 20kgs or a combined measurement of 158cm (length + height + width).
  • One piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5kgs or combined measurement of 113cm. We advise that your hand
    eeluggage is suitable to take with you on your day tours.




Some airlines have different baggage regulations so it is advised to check with the airline prior to packing. We also advise that you attach a secure lock to your baggage for all flights and domestic transportation.





Lost or Damaged Baggage

If your baggage is lost or damaged, you are obligated to report it immediately and obtain a written report from a
local authority.
A writtenreport is required when you lodge a submission with your travel insurance provider.
If your luggage has been lost or damaged by the airline you will be required to fill out a baggage claim form with
the airline before leaving the airport.


Checking In

We encourage passengers to arrive at the airline check-in desk 3 hours prior to your flight departure.
The check-in counters generally close between 45 – 60 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure time.



Some airlines offer advance seating selection for a small fee, otherwise seats are usually assigned at check-in. It is possible to select a seat directly through the airline only; Travel Asia is unable to do this on your behalf.


Special Requests

You can make special requests such as dietary selection or boarding assistance directly through the airline.