What to Pack When Travelling to Asia


Our below What to Pack When Travelling to Asia Checklist is important to follow when travelling to Asia.



  • Physical passport & visa
  • Copies of your passport
    eeIdentification Pages and visa
  • Travel Insurance information given to
    eeyou by your Travel Insurance Provider
  • E-ticket and itinerary
  • Departure Pack




What Clothing to Pack when Travelling to Asia

It is important to pack clothes suitable for the season that you will be travelling in. We suggest thatCapture5
you bring layers of clothing suitable for cold spells, even when travelling in Spring and Autumn.
During the warmer months it is best to pack clothes that are casual and comfortable, without being
too revealing. It is still necessary for women to wear trousers when entering temples in China,
and we suggest packing lights, cotton clothing that is easily washed and not too delicate. When
travelling from May to August it is necessary to bring clothing suitable during rainy weather.




There are few taboos when it comes to dressing in China, and we suggest you pack comfortable clothing including walking shoes, sandals, jeans, shorts, a hat and t-shirts. Pack clothes that can be layered for changes in temperature. Laundry services are offered in China for a set price per item and this will be advertised on the Hotel Laundry List.




Western suits, jackets, sports coats, woollen jackets, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes


T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, caps, rain wear


Western suits, jackets, sports coats, light woollen sweaters, rain wear and travel shoes


Overcoat, thick woollen sweaters, lined coats. In northern China: cap, gloves and
cotton-padded shoes are required






  • In addition to your own small supply of toiletries, hotels in China offer
    eecomplimentary toiletries and necessities can be purchased virtually anywhere in China
  • Hairdryers are readily available at most hotels
  • Facecloths, handkerchiefs and tissues are suggested as they will be handy during your trip.
    e Most washrooms in China do not have handtowels and public toilets can be quite dirty and under stocked.





  • Many medications readily available in Australia will not be accessible in ChinaCapture9
  • Bring all prescribed medication with you
  • Pack antibiotics, anti-bacterial ointments, anti-histamine, Panadol, vitamins,
    eeacetaminophen, essential balms, anti-allergic preparations and anti-acids as necessary
  • Pack your medical record which can be useful in the event of a medical emergency